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Ready for a "me-post"? I don't have a whole detailed lot of a story behind what the last few months have been like. Simply put, just because there is a worldwide disaster going on doesn't mean the responsibilities of an independent individual just stops and becomes forgotten about.

So I started a few jobs, then quit a few jobs for something that pays more for less time. Capitalism babyyyy. Got a car after my motorbike was stolen from right under my nose while I was asleep (for the 4th time, stop stealing my shit smh) and had a mental breakdown. Someone then stole the license plate off the car within a week. Then upgraded the computer hardware needed to do the things I wanted, though the graphics card is going to have to wait because them's scammer prices at this point. $1400 for a top-of-the-line graphics card. Used. cant have shit in detroit yk

I had a rough plan of what the future of this brand was going to be in 2020, and progress has been slower than I would like simply because of burnout. Working 2 jobs fulltime and then some, just to get the equipment sorted out. Just hoping these next few months will be better in the amount of things I am able to do regarding the EvilNeon brand since I have less dedicated hours to just being able to pay rent and have any sense of security in case someone decides to steal more of my shit again.

By no means is this a low point, but rather an upswing in my life. I simply hope that none of the friendly neighborhood crackheads decide to fuck that up for me.

This is kind of a public post to kick my own ass and the plan from here is to get my shit together and be who I've always wanted to be. The creator of things, but better. Starting with life choice changes of course. Proud of you guys who did the same over the past few years, now it's about time for me to do that too.

Also no more of that existential crisis bullshit. There's not enough time in existence to be worrying about the heat death of the universe LOLLL