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Posted by DJEvilNeon - December 4th, 2018

Welcome to NewGrounds ya bastards~ Hope you find a good home here :D


This was totally predicted btw, I thought tumblr would crumble under it's own foundation. Whoops, looks like someone tripped. I didn't hate Tumblr though, I used it occasionally. Just meme'd it for the lols :]

Posted by DJEvilNeon - October 13th, 2018

I have not been given time to do much with my own personal work, my job is so physically intense that I can't put effort into much else. Trust me, I tried and snapped. Lol. On another note, since I've moved and my workstation is essentially 80% done, and with this new cintiq, I may be able to pull some drawings out of my ass over the long term. As with music, I'm still sound-treating my room so I don't bother my neighbors with the rad beats. 

Till next time, let's just have some fun. YEET

Posted by DJEvilNeon - August 27th, 2018

Working overtime reduces my free time to almost like 3 hours or less each day. And free time essentially means time not spent sleeping, waking up, prepping, and working. Sometimes I don't get any time to myself at all.

Well, I'm not too worried since the amount that I have worked recently is buying me new equipment and tools for the better and I'm extremely psyched about it!

A bit of a faster pace this time, compared to my previous dead-end job at McD's. XD

Anyways I should be asleep right now, but the lack of time and the impulse of creativity has me scrambling left and right to try and do anything productive whilst procrastinating and "I'll do it later"s is killing me lol.

Until next time~

Posted by DJEvilNeon - May 16th, 2018

God, the difficulty of animating is painful due to my passive mental detail. Like I lose track of things if I don't see them for a while. but I'll give it a hard go because animations just look damn cool when done right. One at a time though. I can't slam my brain into the desk trying to do it all in one night xd

Posted by DJEvilNeon - May 11th, 2018

More resolooshin means more cool right?

But for real though, this is sort of a motivational quote I've been thinking about for a while. "Double your resolution." or "Double the resolution." It kind of means if you're going to do something, at least try to put in twice the effort or better. Like those new-year's resolutions people make but forget to complete. Maybe those guys's resolution should be to try to remember their resolution and not give up. :thinkingemoji:


I think I'm probably just going mad lol

Posted by DJEvilNeon - April 19th, 2018

I saw the newish NG layout, I wasn't sure about what happened because I come back to this site every other day or so, I never really connect with the community since it's kind of "out of my way".

Anyways... As I was loading my profile, I noticed that I can have a banner on the top now... Then it hit me. Instant nostalgia. This exact webpage layout resembles almost that the of the 2006/07/08 YouTube profile layout that demolished MySpace for video content. The left-side profile details space, the right-side playlist organizers. I love this platform more than ever because of this simple change. <3