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"Shot on iphone" moment

I'm a simple man, i see neon, i rate 5 :]

This comedy was so deep, and so structured that I'm still exploring the depths of what these jokes have behind their meanings. well done :]

EyeCabal responds:

"Comedy without depth is like a pancake without crisp"

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I really like the atmosphere in this, it reminds me heavily of Yugioh on the gameboy advance back in the day.

Though, multiple times I softlocked the game by pressing buttons too fast and moving onto the next area, heh.

ByEthanFox responds:

Softlocked huh? Could you give an example? I might be able to fix it. That being said, the HTML5 version is much more "fragile" than the downloaded versions of the game.

Dude I saw the cover animation of the girl looking at the city like a year or so ago on some pixel-place website. Never thought I would see it again here.

edit: Music sounds heavily inspired of chrono trigger. I hear it immediately in the instrument choice :]

This was really well done. I was surprised to see fancy pants again, out of the blue. i like the attack being a pen too :P

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I like the synthwave/outrun genre that's becoming mainstream as of late. Youtube might like this too btw :P

quantumdylan responds:

Me too, man! So many new songs to listen to now, plus a whole bunch of different interpretations of that core synthy sound.

0:10 for the Gregorian hums, if you start them with a 1 or 2 beat attack before the initial notation, along with a longer release, I garuntee those voices would sound much smoother and more blendier :]

1:00 I love the lead guitar choice. What's the instrument? I'd like to check it out :P

I love the ambi-electro theme you have in this song. Great stuff :]

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I'm so glad I never had to do this more than once in my life.

devilsgarage responds:

oh boy. I was so happy with the CD-Rom installation option that came later

Yeh I agree.

Oooh fan art of the witch herself :3

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