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I really like the atmosphere in this, it reminds me heavily of Yugioh on the gameboy advance back in the day.

Though, multiple times I softlocked the game by pressing buttons too fast and moving onto the next area, heh.

ByEthanFox responds:

Softlocked huh? Could you give an example? I might be able to fix it. That being said, the HTML5 version is much more "fragile" than the downloaded versions of the game.

Dude I saw the cover animation of the girl looking at the city like a year or so ago on some pixel-place website. Never thought I would see it again here.

edit: Music sounds heavily inspired of chrono trigger. I hear it immediately in the instrument choice :]

This was really well done. I was surprised to see fancy pants again, out of the blue. i like the attack being a pen too :P

Input bug: when you use the "c" key, the game moves your character without regard to collision.

I love the idea, however I get the feeling this is random win/lose kind of a game. it's fun though for what it is :P

Also kind of frustrating how the "boss monster" can attack you from a room that you can't even see. lol

I really love the minimal theme with the old arcade vertical scan lines.

My only real con is the bass being too loud/muddy in the music at times. Some frequencies around 50hz to 140hz feel boosted compared to the rest of the audio.

Simple, A little math used in a unique way, nice.

Pretty damn neat of a game. I really like the music and the vector graphics! It reminds me a lot of tron <3

I need to mention, when getting power-ups, can you move the text somewhere that isn't the spot of focus, or at least make it transparent? It gets in the way of vision when moving faster.

stuthemoo responds:

Good point!

Simple yet elegant, reminds me of a mobile game that i refuse to download because I don't download mobile pleb games lol

110% as expected of the HentaiWriter crew :]

I'm lenient to the bits where voice doesnt really fit the scenes sometimes, but that's one of the limitations, I'm sure.

hentaiwriter responds:

Thanks a lot for the review and rating both :D and the high praise, also!

The voice stuff isn't so much a limitation as it is just a mistake in design on our part; we thought the generic lines would fit well over a large amount of conversations, and... well, they don't.

If we can afford it, we're going to redo all of the lines in full voice acting; barring that, we'd likely just go without voices, because even we feel the game might be better without voice acting than with it if it's in blurb format like this.

If you do wanna support us though on Patreon, it'd be super appreciated so we could afford that stuff eventually; either way, thanks a lot again for the kind words :)

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